1)Using our work on the calculator application as a template, create a "driver" class (contains the function "public static void main(String[] args)" and a "Compare" class. The driver should ask the user to enter two numbers, and then pass those values to the Compare class via "setter" methods. The driver should then call a comparevalues method in Compare that evaluates the two parameters and returns which one is the greater of the two and which is the lesser. These should be strings e.g., "value1 is greater than value2", and "value2 is less than value1". If the values are equal, it should return a string stating so, e.g. "value1 and value2 are equal".

The attached file, calculator.zip contains code that can be used as a template.

2)Write a small program that allows a user to input "n" number of integers AND float values into an ArrayList. Make sure that the values being input are actual numbers. When the user is done, give him or her the option of sorting and printing out the ArrayList.

3)Develop a system that keeps track of preschool students. There are four types of preschoolers: Guppies, who are two; Puppies, who are three; Tigers, who are four; and Lions, who are five.

Each group needs a special list of school materials. Guppies need paste and colored paper. Puppies need paste, colored paper, and rulers. Tigers need the supplies of the younger students plus a notebook and pencil. Lions need all of this and scissors.

Ms. Smith teaches the Guppies and Puppies. Ms. Jones teaches the Tigers. Ms. Anderson teaches the Lions.

Your system should capture the name, age, and school group (which is determined by age) of "n" number of preschoolers. Note that if the user does not enter a school group, the group appropriate for that age should be added for the student.

Each type of student (Guppies, Puppies, etc.) should be separate classes that all inherit from a common parent, "preschoolStudent". The parent class should have defaults for each of the data variables and methods needed.

Your application should store the individual objects in an ArrayList, and should allow the inputing of "n" number of records. The only attributes that the user must input are the name and age of each entered student (be sure to handle the entry of different data types with a try catch block). Group is optional, with the system ascertaining the appropriate preschool class for each one.

Your application should also print out a report that groups each class, with the teacher and students, along with the supply list.

Example (Data entry):

Name: Timmy Jones
Age: 4

Name: Suzy Smith
Age: 5

Name: Mikey Nesmith
Age: 2

Name: Pablo Garcia
Age: 4
Group: Tiger

(Print out):
Guppies Ms. Smith
Mikey Nesmith
Supplies needed: ...

Puppies Ms. Smith
Supplies needed: ...

Tigers Ms. Jones
Timmy Jones
Supplies needed: ...

Lions Ms. Anderson
Suzy Smith
Pablo Garcia
Supplies needed: ...

4)Write a GUI based Java application which converts fahrenheit to celsius and visa versa. Your application should use try catch blocks to ensure that all input is valid.

5) Re-do project 3 as a GUI application. You should use Netbeans to design the interface.

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