Provide the application that helps the school to do the following tasks:

  • Grade a student
  • Print the grade report

TASK1 - Grade a student

Grading a student task -Read the information of one student:

Assignment Number Max score Total
Homework 10 10 100
Lab 6 30 180
Exam 3 100 300
Project 80 80
Discussion 20 20
MaxScores 680

Determine the grade based on the percentage

TotalScores = totalScoresOfHomeworks + totalScoresOfLabs + totalScoresOfTests + scoresOfProject + scoresOfDiscussion
Percentage = 100 * totalScores / MaxScores
Percentage Grade
>90% A
>80% B
>70% C
>60% D
<=60% F

Display the result on the screen as the following format

Student Name: Bill Washington
Student ID: 0097765
Total scores 528.50
Max scores: 680
Percentage: 77.65
Grade: C

Also, write the result to the file name gradeReport.txt in the following format:

Bill Washington – 0097765 – 90.5% - A

TASK2: print the grade report of whole class from the file gradeReport.txt

  • Open file gradeReport.txt
  • Read one line, write to screen
  • Read another line, write to screen until end of file

The application should allow users to continue to use until the users want to exit.


Follow the following step to start the project

  • Determine how many classes we need for this project? Class Student_YourLastName and class GradeApplication_YourLastName
  • Determine how many information we need to maintain for the class Student_YourLastName? What is data type for each data member.
  • Which methods we need to determine the grade of students, for example, totalScores, percentage, grade, etc.
  • what the information we need to display result on screen, build the string output (toString)
  • What the information we need to write the result to the file (writeToFile)
  • Write the code for the data type class
  • Read the requirement again to determine what we need to interact with the user
  • Write the pseudo-code
  • Write the code for main

Note: the input of scores entered from the keyboard should be read as a String then pass that string to the constructor and in the constructor. In the constructor, use split (the method of String) or StringTokenizer to split the scores out the place these values to the elements of quiz array. Do the same for other assignments.

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