The Case of ABC Electric:

ABC Electric wishes to create a database with the following entities and attributes:

  • Customer, with attributes Customer_ID, Customer_Name, Customer_Address (Street, City, State, Zip code), Customer_Type (Business or Residential)
  • Location, with attributes Location_ID, Location_Name, Location_County
  • Rate, with attributes Rate_Class, Rate_Per_ kwh

After interviews with the company employees and its customers, you have come up with the following business rules:

  • Locations are geographical areas such as cities, towns, etc.
  • Customers can have one or more locations.
  • Each location can have one or more rates, depending on the time of day.

Question 1 for the Case:

Please use either Access notation or ER modeling notation to develop a logical database model for the company. You also need to (1) create associative entities (with attributes) to simplify many-to-many relationships whenever necessary, and (2) use verbs to describe the relationships. Similar database model can be found in slide 7.12, which uses ER notation. The Draw function in Microsoft Word is preferred to illustrate the model.

Question 2 for the Case:

Write SQL statements to develop database tables for each of these entities in the model. Similar SQL statements can be found in slide 7.13.

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