Program objectives

The listed objectives are designed to satisfy the following ABET program outcomes: An ability to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice (ABET-CAC i).


Write a program that applies two user-defined manipulators to one or more unsigned integers, then displays the results. The manipulators are “commas” which formats an unsigned with comma separators, and “tertiary” which converts the unsigned base 10 to base 3. The unsigned integers are stored in a linked-list template that was developed in class.


One or more unsigned integers extracted from the keyboard.


The unsigned integers formatted with the “commas” and “tertiary” manipulators.

Class requirements

Two classes defining one-parameter manipulators.

  • commas. Formats an unsigned with comma separators.
  • tertiary. Converts a base 10 unsigned into base 3.

Linked-list. The linked-list class template we developed live and in person.

Program requirements

The driver file should do the following.

  • Present the user with a greeting, then a keypress (and ENTER) to continue.
  • Prompt for and get one or more unsigned ints which are to be stored in the user-defined linked- list. It is the program’s responsibility to indicate to the user how to stop entering input. NOTE: The program cannot ask for a negative number to quit input if the program is extracting unsigned ints.
  • Iterate through the list with linked-list iterators and apply the two user-defined manipulators to each element.
  • Print the results to the standard output in tabular form with column headings.
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