Create a set of classes that permit you to keep track of savings accounts and transactions.

  • Define an Enum type named TransactionType with two values: Deposit, Withdrawal.
  • Create a class named Transaction with three properties: a transaction date, the type of transaction (using TransactionType), and the transaction amount. For example, a Transaction object could hold the values #05/15/2011#, TransactionType.Deposit, and 500.00.
  • The Transaction class must contain a constructor that initializes all property values.
  • Create a class named Account with three properties: ID (String), Owner (String), and CashBalance (Double). For example, an Account object could hold the values 000123, Baker, James, and 2140.55.
  • The Account class must contain a constructor that initializes all property values, a ToString method that displays all property values, and an Equals method that com- pares account ID numbers.
  • Create a class named TransactionHistory that contains a single property named Items, whose type is Dictionary(Of Date, Transaction).
  • Create a class named SavingsAccount, with two properties: InterestRate (Double), and TransHistory (a TransactionHistory object). This class inherits from the Account class.

Startup Form

  • In the startup form, use a SplitContainer to divide the form in half. Insert a ListBox control in each panel. A sample is shown in Figure 6-28.
  • In the Form_Load event handler, create two SavingsAccount objects. Add them to a List(Of SavingsAccount) object. For each account, create three different transactions and add them to the account transaction history.
  • Display the account IDs, owner names and balances in the left-hand ListBox control. When the user selects an account, display the account transaction history in the right- hand ListBox control. See image.
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