Part 1: Database Design Document

Design the database application: the document should include:

  • A Title page and table of contents
  • Introduction
    • Overview of the organisation chosen and a description of their requirements
    • Description of the database application and its intended function
  • ER diagram
  • Description of tables and data to be held
  • Description of web application structure

Part 2: Database Application

Develop a database application that includes (at least) the following elements:

  • A MySQL database
  • A user-friendly and well-designed web front-end
  • PHP scripts to connect to the database and handle user requests
  • Forms that to allow the user to:
    • Select data from the database, based on criteria that they choose
    • Add new records to tables
    • Update records
    • Delete records
  • The data entered in forms should be validated
  • Marks will also be given for innovation, creativity and the addition of useful functions that go beyond what is described here
  • The entire application should be added to a zip file when submitting.

Part 3: Final Report and Presentation

Summarise the work you have done:

  • A short report, which should include:
    • A Title page and table of contents
    • An overview of the functionality of your system
    • Include selected screenshots
    • Evaluation: Did you meet the goals you set out at the beginning? What would you do differently the next time?
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