In this assignment you will continue the design and implementation of Age Calendar lab, you will add user directed interactivity that allows the user to select a different month or year from a set a link you provide. Based upon the user request you sould provide them with both horizontal and vertical age chart tables which are correctly laid out for the requested month and year, since users may predict their age in terms of days in the future or trace back to their age in a specific year/month. The day information will predefined as the first day of each requested month. Then the user can have the flexibility to select different days in the requested month as well. At the bottom of the script page, a table of hyperlinks which point to every single day of the requested month will be displayed for user to pick up day information

Design Requirement

You will build upon the existing Age Calculator, all the features of that assignment should remain in your current lab. You will simply be adding new features to the features you previously implemented. In the previous lab you were to determine and display current date, month (either based o a date being hard coded or the current date ) or other months in the current year and other years. Rather than hard coding the alternate months and years, you should now allow the user to select these from a dynamic hyperlink list that you provide. An example of what this hyperlink may look like is provided in the URL and footer portion of the example diagram

Using the hyperlinks you should pass variables to the .php file and then assign the values to the variables you had previously hard coded. You can retrieve the passed GET variable from the superglobal array. You should use logic to correctly display the age chart tables for the selected month and year. Your hyperlink variable values will need to be dynamically set by your code so they continue to work no matter what year is being displayed. When you allow the user to jump to later and previous months in a year and to other years, the currently displayed month and year can act as a starting point in determining what to show next and how to set up the dynamic hyperlink values. Note here the day information is predefined as the first day of each requested month.

After the age chart tables have been displayed, you will display a line of text which shows the displayed day, month and year (see the red circle in the diagram) then a set of hyperlinks which point to each individual day of the displayed month will be displayed for the user to pick a different day, instead of the predefined first day of each month. For this set of hyperlinks in addition to month and year, the day information will be passed to the php script as a parameter as well.

When the user initially accesses the web page you should display the current day, month and year (as they have not yet specified a particular month and year to view ) no matter what month, day or year is being displayed, the ‘today’ information on the top of the page should continue to display the current date. The “Today” word should also always be a hyperlink that point back to the current date’s age calculation chart tables by hyperlinking to itself . Hint: you can set this hyperlink without passing any variable values as the script would then think that this is your first visit to the web page and thereby display the current day, month and year (as earlier noted/required)

In contrast with previous lab, you should remove the single link at the bottom of your current date’s page which you previously used to get to another date’s page. You should continue to stick to the basics, using functions already available in php. In addition to date() and mktime() functions, you can use another system defined function cal_days_in_month() which calculate the number of days for any given month and year. You should not need to use any other functions for this assignment. Constants should be used for values that do not change, and variables for values that change during the course of execution.

Your XHTML file should be well formed and created using a strict HTML DTD . you can create the web page using any text editor other than WYSIWYG( I am Mac user)

You will continue to display your age charts inside See image. See image.


You can simply add anew one row table below the age chart tables to include a set of interactive inks for user to select different month and year. The current selected day, month and year will be echoed out below this set of interactive links. After that, another table will include a set of interactive links for the user to select different days for the currently selected month and year.

All interactive hyperlinks in the table will be generated by php script. You will want to determine , code and validate the .php file itself using XHTML (and absent of any new CSS) once working like to the output given, you can begin adding he scc formatting , finally , validate all the pages and correct any ill formed tags where necessary

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