You are the Senior Consultant at Abacus Consulting, tasked with the database project for Amadeus Real Estate client. The company employs real estate agents who work with customers to buy and sell properties (both residential and commercial). As part of your lead role, you are initially responsible for meeting with the client team and gathering requirements. You are then scheduled to design the data model and implement a working prototype to demonstrate the validity of the data model. Your specific tasks are broken down as below

Phase 1 Requirements Gathering

As part of the requirements phase, develop a minimum of 10 business rules that apply to the clients business. Each business rule must be related to a data model feature and must be clearly demonstrated in the data model.

Phase 2 Database Design

Develop a database model based on the requirements. Use the Crows Foot notation, indicate all attributes, primary/foreign key relationships, cardinalities and relationship strengths.

Phase 3 Implementation

Implement the table structure designed for the system. Assume property details (type, area, list price, sale price etc). Assume 3% commission on all transactions.

  • Write the SQL code to create the needed tables. Ensure all primary keys, foreign keys and constraints are defined.
  • After implementing the table structures, insert dummy data for 25 transactions, placed between January-1-2014 and June-30-2014.

Phase 4 Validation

To validate the data model you have developed, you are asked to write some queries and verify the results with expected results.

Write the SQL statements that provide the following information:

  • Number of sales for the period March-1-2014 to March-31-2014
  • Agent who sold the most number of properties between June-1-2014 to June-30-2014.
  • Agent who sold the most $$ value of properties between Jan-1-2014 to Mar-31-2014.
  • Most expensive property sold between Jan-1-2014 to June-30-2014.
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