Virtually all aspects of modern technology make use of computer hardware, even if these are not immediately apparent (for example, Embedded Systems). The design and production of electronic devices, control systems, interactive media and specialised software products will most likely require programming skills.

The Task

You must programme an analogue clock and digital stopwatch using the Processing programming language. Details of the requirements of the programme are given in the accompanying “Notes” document.

Additional Notes

You will implement a graphical, real-time analogue clock and a digital stopwatch. Both of these will be implemented within a single sketch and will be visible in the sketch window at the same time.

Your display should look something like this See image.

The clock is synchronised to the computers system clock and displays an hour hand, minute hand and second hand, updated in real time.

The stopwatch displays elapsed time in hours:minutes:seconds:milli-seconds The ‘Start’ button will start the timer from whatever the current displayed time is. The ‘Stop’ button will stop the timer but the display will continue to show the time elapsed until another button is pressed. The ‘Reset’ button will reset the timer to 00:00:00:00.000

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