Java programmers can use class hierarchies for the purposes of inheritance. For example, given a Tree class, we could define Conifer and Deciduous sub classes that inherit from the parent Tree class as you can see here: Figure 1.


Develop a similar class hierarchy for Animals. You can have whatever subclasses you think would be useful. Your hierarchy should have at least three levels (the top class, Animals, counts as the first level). Include variables and methods (at least one of each) for each class you design, as in the above example.

Use Word and Visio to prepare this assignment. The Word document should include your Visio diagram. Do not submit it as a separate document. Incorporate your diagram image into the Word document. Be sure to explain in some detail the contents of your diagram. Submit your assignment to the Submit folder. Include a title page with a Running head, abstract/introduction, content body information, conclusion and references list in the Word document. Count only the content body information when determining deliverable length. The style of the document should not be a numbered Q&A list of items. It should be like a report using headers and subheaders. Your Word document should be double-spaced. The document must be in APA format. Refer to the APA citation Center in the Library if you are unclear about APA reports. There, you will find some sample papers. Do not forget to cite your sources and include in-text references. If there are no in-text citations and/or your references are not included, a 25% deduction could be applied.

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