This is a architecture Design, The main aim of this project is to submit UML diagram based on the application of Design Pattern in an advance way. It should represent an complete system of catering for elder with enough methods and the architecture should show the relationship of these methods with uses of the appropriate Design patterns.

The system should have use some design pattern and the design should be as the way that the UML design can be guide to write the complete code for a programmer without knowing the senario. Design design pattern should have been used. Design should be implemented in UML. A visual studio , Deisgn is enough , No coding is required. UML with use case diagram and Class diagram and component diagram.

Specific requirements:

Senario: A government institution is providing catering to elderly people. People can place an order to receive lunch every weekday, every weekday and Saturday or all days of the week. The lunch is chosen from a fixed menu (e.g. normal, diet, etc.). Food is shipped to the homes of the elderly people on all days of the week except Sunday and holidays;

when there is no shipment, food is delivered on an earliest day as appropriate. In addition to their regular order profile (e.g. every day of the week), they can decline food for specific days or ranges (e.g. Sep 16-20), e.g. for the duration when they are hospitalized.

The institution charges the people based on their annual income, people with low incomes receive more discount; the discount is a percentage determined from a look-up table (e.g. people whose income is less than 5000 EUR receive 20% discount).

The look-up table changes every year based on government regulations. Design a system to be used by administration personnel that can track orders, make delivery and financial tables. Delivery tables help shipment determine what type and quantity of food to deliver to what addresses, they are printed at the beginning of the week.

Financial tables help the institution charge people based on the amount of food they have ordered, they are printed at the end of the month. As you can see, this specification is much broader, has lots of actors and objects that interact.

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