• Test the program designed in class to parse a string that has Comma Separated Values (CSVs). You need to provide at least 20 different test cases. Highlight the ones that cause the program to either crash or emit undesired output.
  • Describe the above program in "pseudo code". i.e., explain the logic of the program clearly in your own words, step by step.
  • Write a program to read a set of values and print the second largest value among them. E.g. if user enters 10, 20, 3, 0, -5, 14, 25, -2, 30, 27 then it should print 27.
  • Write a program that strips the punctuation characters comma, period, semi-colon and hyphen from a word entered by user and displays the result.

*Important note: Make sure it works and RUN on the NetBeans.

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