The online Ordering System will be used to take online orders. It will compute the tax, and allow the selection of the tip and final cost of a customer’s order.


  • The store name and store picture will be displayed at all times.
  • The customer will be asked for first, last name, and email address.
  • The customer will use comboboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes andlistboxes where appropriate to select the order from the menu.
  • After the order is complete, the customer can Continue or Checkout.
  • Upon checkout, the program displays the number of each type ordered along with the individual costs, the food & beverage cost, and the tax.
    • The customer is then asked to select the service charge from a drop down list (as shown below.)
    • The service charge and final total are then displayed.
  • The individual cost, the tax, service charge, and final total should appear in currency format.
  • The menu includes:
    • Noodle Soup: Miso Ramen = $5.50, Kitsune Udon = $6.25, andZaru Soba = $5.95, Shoyu Ramen = $6.95,Tonkotsu Ramen= $6.95, Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen =$6.95
    • Kaedama (Extra noodles for your soup) = $1.50
    • Toppings: Chashu Pork = $250, Nori = $0.75, Kimchi = $1.00
    • Other dishes: Gyoza = $5.15, Fried Rice (Small = $3.95, Regular = $5.75), Kimchi Fried Rice = $6.95
    • Hot tea (Oolong or Green) is $1.25 each
  • The tax rate is 7% is applied to the total food and beverage cost.
  • The final total is calculated by adding total food and beverage cost, the tax, and the service charge

Finally user can clear the order with a clear button , non numeric values should not be accepted, use try and catch blocks

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