You will build upon the application you developed in Assignment 4. You will create a class that represents a collection of employees. The class will provide a sort method that you will code making use of delegates.

You will also create a Windows application that uses the class you develop.

Assignment Details

In the Employee library, create a class that represents a collection of Employees.

  • Name your class: Employees
  • Your class must be derived from the List class (or other reasonable collection class).
  • Your class must have a method named BubbleSort.
    • The method should implement the Bubble Sort algorithm to sort the employees in the collection.
    • The BubbleSort method must take 1 parameter that has the following delegate type: Comparision as defined in the System namespace of the .NET Framework.
    • The BubbleSort method may not make use of any sort method from the .NET Framework.
    • Note: In a real application you would use the sort methods implemented in the .NET Framework as they would be the most efficient. I just want you to gain experience implementing a sort algorithm for yourself.
  • Your class must have 2 comparison methods that can be used by the BubbleSort method:
    • One for sorting Employees alphabetically by full name
    • One for sorting Employees by Age from youngest to oldest.

Revise your assignment 4 to use your Employee collection class in place of the List class (or other collection class).

Create a Windows application to demonstrate the use of your class and its sort method.

  • You should use your Windows application from assignment 4.
  • Revise your Windows application to use your new Employee collection class rather than the List class.
  • Add to your Windows application, the ability for the user to change the sort of the Employees in the drop down list. The user should be able to choose among the following sorts:
    • Alphabetically by employee full name
    • By Employee Age from youngest to oldest.
  • Use the BubbleSort method of your Employee collection class to accomplish the sorting.
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