Aus CarCare is a small auto service business with two branches in Sydney and Brisbane. The business is based on providing routine maintenance at fixed cost to car owners. The business owners have decided to computerize their operations to allow them to better track their business. Data to be gathered for each service includes service ID, service item, service cost, date of service, customer ID, customer first name, customer surname, customer telephone number, street number, street name, street suffix, suburb, state, postcode, vehicle ID, vehicle make, vehicle model, vehicle year. Note that each vehicle has no more than one owner, but an owner might have more than one vehicle. Moreover, each service gets done on one and only one vehicle, and Aus CarCare allocates a unique service id to every service.

  • Using MS Word or Excel, create an entity relationship diagram from the case study information provided.
  • On your ERD identify the type of relationships using 1:1, 1:M, and M:N format.
  • Convert the ERD into standard notation format. For each entity, include all the attributes. Underline the primary key. If there is any foreign key make it Italic.
  • Using the entity and attribute information, create appropriate tables in MS Access. Then, create a relational diagram between your tables that reflects the relationships you identified in your ERD. Note that your answer to this question should include a print screen of your relational diagram.
  • Using Forms in MS Access create a data entry form for each of your tables.
  • Using realistic data populate each of the 3 tables with 5 records (using MS Access).
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