Consider the following ER diagram for a bank conceptual database schema: See image.


  • List the non-weak entity tpes in the ER diagram
  • Identify any weak entity type, and give its name, its partial key, and its identifying relationship and entity
  • Explain rule(s) that are used to map a weak entity type to a relation (table).
  • List the names of all relationship types, and specify the cardinality constraints. Each BANK is related to one or more BANK-BRANCHEs. Each BANK_BRANCH has zero or more LOANs and zero or more ACCOUNTs. Each ACCOUNT is related to exactly one BANK-BRANCH and to at least one CUSTOMER. Each LOAN is related to exactly one BANK_BRANCH and to at least one CUSTOMER. Each CUSTOMER is related to zero or more ACCOUNTs and to zero or more LOANs.
  • Specify the (min, max) constraint on each participation of an entity type in a relationship type. The additional (min, max) constraints are: Every customer must have at least one account but is restricted to at most two loans at a time, and that a bank branch cannot have more than 500 loans.
  • Identify total participations in the diagram.
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