Design a Java program that carries out banking operations on customers’ account. The concept of banking is characterized by customers and their account balances. The program should be able to:

  • Store the customers’ account information in a database.
  • Make deposits.
  • Make withdrawals.
  • Search for an account (given the account number)
  • Delete an account from the active accounts in the database, and
  • Store any deleted account into a separate database

Convince yourself that this exercise consists of the following entities:

  • Bank – This is characterized by:
    • Customer and an initial balance.
    • Customer should be able to at least make deposit or withdrawal at any time.
  • With respect to Customer, a customer is characterized by name, address, and account number.
  • An address is characterized by street, city, state, and zip code.
  • Name is characterized by first name and last name.
  • for banking transactions. It is characterized by at least the following operations:
    • Adds bank accounts to a growing list of bank accounts.
    • Searches for a given account.
    • Returns a bank account.
    • Returns the location of a bank account, if that account is in the database.
    • Removes a bank account from the list of accounts.

Implement a test class that provides options for:

  • Creating bank accounts per customer and adding them to the database.
  • Finding existing customers’ record and update their account, by either depositing to the account, or withdrawing from the account.
  • Removing customer account from the database. Store these accounts in a separate list.
  • Displaying the list of current customers. The information to be displayed is: the current date, the account number, and the name of the customer on the first line; the address on the next four lines, and the balance on the last line.
  • Displaying the list of customers who were removed from the database. The information to be displayed is the current date, the account number, and the name of the customer, alone, on one line.
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