Design and implement a hierarchy inheritance system of banking, which includes Savings and Checking accounts of a customer. Inheritance and virtual functions must be used and applied, otherwise, there is no credit.

The following features must be incorporated:

1. The account must have an ID and customers full name and his/her social security number.

2. General types of banking transactions for both accounts, Checking and Savings: withdraw, deposit, calculate interest ( based on the current balance, and if it was not modified, there will be no new interest ), figure out the balance, and transfer funds ( between the two accounts, from Checking to Savings and vice versa).

3. Savings restrictions:

  • Become inactive if the balance falls less than $25, and under such situation, no more withdrawals may be allowed.
  • A $1 charge for each transfer fund ( to Checking account ), with the first transfer is free.
  • The monthly interest rate is 3.75%.

4. Checking restrictions:

  • A monthly service charge is $5 ( automatically be charged when Checking account was opened).
  • A 10 cents charge for each written check, with the first check is free.
  • A $15 charge for each bounced check (not enough funds).
  • The monthly interest rate is 2.5%.
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