BMI Requirement

The Sunnybrook free clinic has asked your firm to design a program that will calculate the body mass index of its patients. Design an algorithm in raptor. The body mass index is determined by dividing the weight in pounds times 702 by the hight in inches squared. the program should ask for the weight in pounds and the hieght in inches only. it should display the BMI as output. HInt: although weight and height can be integers, BMI must be a real number. all three variables can also be real numbers. Remember that Raptor does not let you assign data types, so the initial value will indicate to the programmer which data type is intended. the clinic has supplied the following formula.

BMI = weight * 703 over height^2

The clinic has indicated that a patient with a weight of 175 pounds and a height of 71 inches would have a BMI of 24.4049 as a check for this issue.

Interest Rate Requirement

Jennifer Martin is asking for a companion program to her previous program. She has many financial instruments which compound the interest earned quarterly. She wants to be able to determine what the Future value will be is she enters the amount to be invested, the rate of return, and the number of years. Your supervisor is asking you to design an algorithm in a Raptor flowchart and test it to make sure it is correct. Here is the formula you should use for the program F=P(1+r/4)^4y that is R over 4 and raised to the 4 year As a check Jennifer had indicated that an investment of 100,000 at .055 rate for 5 years will result in 131,406.65. Do not be concerned about formatting. make sure the answer matches.

Write Up

Discuss Modular programming compared to not using modules. Talk about:

  • when to use them,
  • how they are used,
  • why they are used,
  • what order should they be in,
  • advantages of using modules
  • disadvantages of using modules
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