Assume the B-tree index structure shown is for a set of Customer records and the numbers shown are Customer IDs. Further assume that each index node supports a maximum of 3 entries.

  • What nodes would be searched to find Student703? Customer 980? And what would be the conclusion?
  • How would the B-Tree structure would be modified if the following customer records were added in the order indicated:
    • 1320, 276, 1375

Kindly refer to the image of B-Tree: See image.

Assume that a set of Customer records have been stored using the hashing method, where the storage location is determined by the remainder from dividing the customer ID by 13 (the # of buckets). Each buckets has enough room (slots) for 3 customer data records. In the figure above, just the IDs are shown, but we are assuming that the remaining data for the customer is stored in the slot as well.

  • What bucket(s) would be accessed to retrieve data for customer ID: 30, 40, 37 - and which would be found?
  • In which bucket would the following records be stored if they were added to this hashed structure in the order shown: 24, 45, 38.

Kindly refer to the image of Hash Table: See image.

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