Using what you have learned about databases, ASP.NET controls, CSS styles, and master- detail pages, create an application that helps a development team track software bugs. Use the SQL Server database file BugTrack.mdf, located in the chapter examples folder. Study the database structure and match the data in the tables to the screen images shown in this description.

When the application runs, as shown in Figure 10-57, the master page displays the bar along the top and the menu on the left. The content area with the program title is supplied by a page named About.aspx. It is the same page displayed when the user clicks the About menu item on the left. The content area on the bottom is a GridView control located directly in the master page. See image.

Figure 10-58 shows the master page in Design view. The ContentPlaceHolder at the bottom of the page contains a GridView control that displays default content. In other words, when the user navigates to the content pages, the contents of the lower ContentPlaceHolder (Latest Bug Reports) stay the same.

When the user selects View all from the menu, the upper pane displays a list of all bug reports, as shown in Figure 10-59. When the user chooses Select by category from the menu, the upper content pane displays a list of categories, as shown in Figure 10-60. When the user selects a category and clicks the Go button, the upper grid displays a list of matching bug reports. See image.

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