This assignment will test your knowledge of

  • Objects
  • Input and Output Streams
  • Files
  • Graphical user interface


Design and implement a class called Building Society that manages user accounts using an appropriate graphical user interface in Swing. Each instance of the BuildingSociety class will have a name and a maximum number of accounts that it can handle.

The BuildingSociety class should have the following methods:

  • openAccount ( allow a user to open a new Credit Union account)
  • closeAccount (allow an account holder to close an account on condition that the balance is currently zero)
  • makeLodgement ( allow an account holder to lodge money)
  • makeWithdrawal (allow an account holder to withdraw money from their account)
  • requestOverdraft (allow an account holder to request a new overdraft limit).

Each BuildingSociety Account should have a number, a name, a current balance and an overdraft limit. The methods for each account are:

  • lodgement ( make a lodgement)
  • withdrawal (remove a sum of money from the account on condition that there are sufficient funds available to meet the request)
  • balance (check current balance)
  • overdraftLimit ( check current overdraft limit)
  • setNewOverdraft ( set the overdraft limit to some given value).
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