The page will simulate the site for a Chicago-based small bus line that travels to St Louis, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

Here are the requirements:

  • The home page (i.e. the main page) should simply be the heading, image, and slogan of the site. The home page should NOT be the one that has the reservations form. It is simply the main page for your business website. Add a little blurb / slogan about your bus line.
    • The header section should be styled (you decide which styles to apply).
    • Name this page: busline_home.htm
  • Have a navigation section that includes links to all of the other pages on your site: Make a Reservation, Contact Us, Join Our Mailing List, Home. This section should have either a background color or a border (or both if you prefer). Feel free to add other styles if you like. This table of contents must appear on all pages. Place this table of contents inside a div tag called nav. Style this nav section as a contextual selector inside your external sheet.
  • The reservations page, is described below.
  • Have a page called Contact Us that includes a (fake) address, phone number, e-mail address, etc of your company.
  • Have a page called Join Mailing List that has a form requesting the users name and e-mail address. When the user submits the form, they should see a confirmation message thanking them for joining the mailing list and confirming that they have joined the list. (Obviously you do not have to write the code that actually joins them in a real mailing list!)
  • ALL of the pages should have a similar look. For example, if you change the background color, it should be the same on all pages. Use an External Stylesheet to accomplish this task. (You may still use embedded styles to alter something on a given pageremember the rules for priority of stylesbut any styles meant to apply to all pages need to be written in an external sheet).
  • In addition to the External Style Sheet, you must use External Javascript Files for all pages using Javascript.
  • ALL pages should have the company name somewhere on the page. Place this name in within your header section. Style this section as a contextual selector in your external style sheet.
  • Have a footer section in which you have the phone number and address of your company at the bottom of each page on your site. Style inside your external stylesheet. Use a different font, make the text size a little bit smaller than the rest of your page, and italicize.

The Reservations Page:

The form:

  • The last name as a textbox
  • The first name as a textbox
  • Arrival City: Use a radio button. Choices should be: St Louis ($40), Milwaukee ($20), Detroit ($35)
  • Hotel choice: Radio button Economy ($50/day), Standard ($70/day), Upscale ($120/day)
  • Number of travelers: select box with 1 through 6
  • Number of days as a select box with options from 2 through 7
  • Have checkboxes for the following options: Wifi ($10), Fully-reclining seat ($20)
  • Radio button for meal choice: None, Snack ($5), Full meal ($10)
  • Have a text area for Special Requests.
  • A button to submit the form. The button should say Book My Trip
  • Name your form: reservation

When the user submits their form, you should provide a cost estimate for their trip. Use the following business rules to make the estimate:

  • Note: Be careful about your calculations! For example, the cost of the meals, wifi, etc should be multiplied by the number of travellers. However, the hotel cost should not be. (You can assume that everybody stays in the same room!)
  • Sample fare: 2 people traveling to Minneapolis ($20x2), request wifi ($10x2), and reclining seats ($20x2), with full meals ($10x2). They wish to stay at an economy hotel for 5 days ($50 * 5) will have a total cost of $370.
  • Output your cost estimate using innerHTML.

General Requirements:

  • Every page must make use of your external style sheet (e.g. to style the company name). You may dispense with embedded styles if your external stylesheets contain all necessary classes and contextual selectors, etc. However, youll probably find that you need to include embedded and or inline styles for at least some of your pages.
  • Create at least one class and make use of it on your home page. The class should be defined in the external sheet.
  • All pages and related files such as images and style sheets must also be uploaded to the web server.
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