This Lab introduces user-defined classes in VB 2012. Create VB project that will allow for calculation of piecework pay workers based on the pay scale provided.

Piecework workers are paid by the piece with workers who produce a greater number of pieces often not only receiving more pay based on production but often they are paid at a higher rate per piece.

For this lab, you will be designing and creating the business logic tier to eventually be included in a complete two-tier application. This required class will handle the calculation and return of the calculated pay as well as all shared, summary data.

Business Tier Piecework Class:

  • Include both a default Constructor and a Parameterized Constructor. The Parameterized Constructor should take arguments and set private instance variables for the worker name and number of pieces.
  • You will also have to create shared class variables to hold the total number of employees processed, total of all calculated pay, overall average pay and total pieces assembled.
  • Create property procedures for both the number of pieces and the worker name for access to the class variables; these should be Read-Write properties.
  • Create all necessary Shared, Read-Only property procedures for all required summary data.
  • Include a method to calculate the total pay based on the number of pieces produced using the table included below. This method should also update all Shared, summary properties based on the number of pieces passed to the business tier for an object.

Operation Pay Calculation:

  • The user will enter the worker name and number of pieces at the presentation tier, (not part of this lab). Both of these fields would be validated at the presentation level prior to passing the values to the business tier.
  • Inside the business tier, your parameterized constructor should set the two properties, name and the number of pieces, and then call the method to calculate pay which will set the total pay property for that object and update the shared summary properties.

Pay Rates:

Pieces Completed Price Paid Per Piece for all Pieces
1 – 199 .50
200 – 399 .55
400 – 599 .60
600 or more .65
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