Create an Object Oriented application used to manage and search for cars.

Your task is to create an Object Oriented application used to maintain a catalog of used cars. The catalog keeps track of each car's make, model, year, and sale price. The user is prompted to enter one of these possible commands:

Add - add a single car to the catalog
Import - allows you to import a file of cars into the catalog (CSV file)
List - list all cars in the catalog
Search by make, model, year or price
Quit - quit the application

If an unknown command is entered, the user should be informed and asked to enter another command. The user is prompted for another command after completing the current task. The application continues until the quit command is entered.

The add command -

If the add command is entered, the user will then be prompted to enter the car's make, model, year, and sales price. The make and model can be arbitrary strings, while the year (e.g. 2000) should be an integer and the sales price (e.g. 2599.99) should be a floating point value. After the data is entered, the record should be stored so it can be recalled later by the list command.


Must be Object Oriented with at least 1 logic and 1 client class.

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