This program will allow the user to keep track of both a CD and a DVD collection. The program needs to work for both CDs and DVDs. There should be a base class that maintains the common information between a CD and a DVD. Each CD/DVD in the collection will be represented as a class, so you will have one class that will be a CD and another that will be a DVD. The program will then has a base class called Media. Both the CD and DVD classes will inherit from the same base class.

The base class will have one data member that will hold the CD Name or Movie Title and another data member for the length of the total CD or the length of the movie.

The CD class will use a linked list to keep track of the titles of the songs on the CD; this will allow each CD to have a different number of songs. It should also maintain the length of each song, thus the class will use a structure which will have the song title and its length. Each song will be an instance of this structure and will be stored in the linked list. The class will also have a data member for the artist name.

The DVD class will have data members for the year the movie was released. The class will have a linked list for storage of the name of the actors and actresses in the movie. The class will also maintain the character names that the actors/actresses played in the movie. The actors/ actresses and characters information will be stored in a structure which will be stored in the linked list.

The program will then maintain two lists, one for the CDs and another for DVDs. The program will use linked lists to maintain the two different lists. The program must provide methods (functions) to add a CD/DVD, remove a CD/DVD and update a CD/DVD. There should also be a function that displays the entire list of CDs/DVDs. The output must be a table format, with heading.

NOTE: There must be only one linked list class (template) that will be used for each of the lists needed in this program. Derived classes of the linked list can be added to expend the functionality of the linked list to be specific for each class.

Movie Title Length of Movie Year Released Actors/Actresses Characters

NOTE: The movie title, length of movie and year released should only appear once while the actors/actresses and characters will have several lines. So the other columns must be displayed with blanks.

Artist CD Name Length of CD Song Title Song Length

NOTE: The artist name, CD name and length of CD should only appear once while the song title and length will have several lines. So the other columns must be displayed with blanks.

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