Expand on Project 5 to implement the following:

Server –

  • Make the server the computer player.
  • The server should be threaded.
  • The server should receive all of the client’s moves and then respond accordingly.
  • The computer should start with a home planet of its own color and a set population.
  • Give the computer three different levels of AI:
    • the computer attacks random planets
    • the computer attacks nearby large planets first, then attacks the user.
    • the computer attacks large planets with low populations, performs checks to see if it has sufficient forces to attack, and attacks the user whenever it does.

Client –

  • Make the client the interface for the user.
  • The client should be threaded.
  • The client should receive all of the server’s moves and update the board accordingly.
  • The user should start with a home planet of its own color and a set population (same starting population as computer player’s).
  • Allow the user to choose a computer AI level when starting.
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