6.1 Using the Car and GreenCar classes, allow the client code flexibility by overloading every method at least twice using the same number of arguments but different data types.

6.2 Improve the GreenCar gas consumption by changing the drive method in GreenCar. Do this by calling the parent's Drive then add another statement that “puts back” gas in the tank, so GreenCar uses 4% less gas than Car.

6.3 Add a new event to GreenCar, ServiceLight, which is raised if the mileage reaches these thresholds: 5K, 10K, then 10K increments. For example GreenCar will need service at 5K, 10K, 20K, 30K and every 10K thereafter. Think about where the event should be raised. would this event require a different definition of Car's properties and or methods in the GreenCar?

6.4 Add another property, Serviced which the client can set to False only while the class code can set it True (this requires some thinking about the code itself with a small trick). when Serviced is set to False from the class code, make sure to raise the Servioeught event under the right condition.

6.5 Organize the classes of your project by creating a new Class Library project and add a namespace called Automobile, and enclose the Car and GreenCar classes in it. Do not add any forms to this project. Add another Windows project that includes the form and its controls. What changes do you need so that you can use the classes of the Automobile namespace?

6.6 Adjust the client code by adding a checkbox that reflects the service needs of the GreenCar objects.

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