1. Consider the following sequence of C/C++ statements, which are syntactically valid but have no reasonable semantic interpretation (assuming i and j have been declared as int variables): See image.

How are these situations handled when executed by your C/C++ system?

2. Consider the expression x + y/2 in the language C. How many different meanings does this expression have, depending on the types of x and y?

3. For your Java compiler/interpreter, verify whether or not the cast of the integer 65537 to a char results in an error.

4. Suggest a general strategy by which the various languages (Fortran, C, Ada, and Java) formatted I/0 conventions could become more unified. That is, can you design a generalized format expression to which a format expression in each of these languages could be mapped in a meaning preserving way? What are the difficult challenges for creating such a mapping?

5. Answer the above question again, but for unformatted I/O.

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