Problem: You have been asked to write a program for a local charity that has an annual golf-a-thon to raise money. The event has golfers sign up and then gather sponsors to pay them for playing in the event. The program needs to be able to add, update(edit) and delete players. It also needs to be able to add, update(edit) and delete sponsors. Dont forget when you add a player in for the current year you will have to add them into the TGolferEventYears. There are several places you will have to add records to make everything work correctly. Make sure you have this in place. The final piece is for you to have the program pull up the sponsors and the amount pledged by each sponsor for a player. This should also display a total amount for the player.


1.Use the database script that is provided with FKs and limited data already entered in for you. You will need to add data as needed for your individual project. The tables are as follows


2.Use separate forms to add, update(edit) and delete both sponsors and players. You can use a search form to pull the information for a sponsor or player and then edit or delete using that form.

3.Do not allow any deletions without prompting if the user is sure they wish to delete.

4.Avoid global variables, pass information or use classes, collections, and/or structures to share data.

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