(Geometry: The Circle2D class) Define the Circle2D class that contains:

  • Two double data fields named X and Y that specify the center of the circle with get methods.
  • A data field radius with a get method.
  • A no-arg constructor that creates a default circle with (0, 0) for (x, y) and 1 for radius.
  • A constructor that creates a circles with the specified x, y, and radius.
  • A method getArea() that returns the area of the circle.
  • A method getPerimeter() that returns the perimeter of the circle.
  • A method contains(double x, double y) that returns true if the specified point(x, y) is inside this circle.
  • A method contains(Circle2D circle) that returns true if the specified circle is inside this circle.
  • A method overlaps(Circle2D circle) that returns true if the specified circle overlaps with this circle.

Draw the UML diagram for the class and then implement the class. Write a test program that creates a Circle2D object c1(new Circle2D(2, 2, 5.5), displays its area and perimeter, and displays the result of cl.contains(3, 3), cl.contains(new Circle2D(4, 5, 10.5)), and cl.overlaps(new Circle2D(3, 5, 2.3)).

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