Exercise 1

Create a program that inputs a string of variable length, but no longer than 80 characters. Pass the string to a function called reversePrint to print the string out in reverse order. Use a pointer arithmetic to print each character. The original string can not be changed. Use some method (sentinel , menu, etc) to accept additional strings and exit when done.

Exericse 2

Create a program that can sort a multidimensional array of at least 3 columns and 10 rows. You may use the bubblesort routine from chapter 6. Of course you will have to modify it. *** If you use an array of pointers to the array to implement the sort function you may get an additional point for each of the sort( total of 9 extra credit)

Example of array

4 125 462
12 475 111
300 27 42

Make all numbers unique for testing purposes.

You must do at least 3 of the sort functions. The other 3 Sort functions Function to Sort the array by column 0 keeping the row information together, Ascending , Descending. Function to Sort the array by column 1 keeping the row information together, Ascending , Desending. Sort the array by column 2 keeping the row information together, Ascending, Descending.

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