• Write the Boyce Codd Normal Form quote:
  • Give a specific example of a domain constraint and show valid values?
  • Give a specific example of a range constraint and show valid values?
  • Define intrarelation constraint and give an example based on the scenario below
  • Define interrelation constraint and give an example based on the scenario below
  • Create an ERD based on the following Table Descriptions

Relationship Details

Stores receive their inventory purchases almost daily, then tag the items and place them out in the store for retail sales.

A single purchase can have varying quantities of numerous products. Rarely does a purchase involve only a single item, but it could be possible.

Purchases arrive in shipments via UPS or FedEx. The shipping company is actually determined by the supplier. Shipping costs are passed along to the store and included in the purchase price. Shipments are often insured, depending on the value of the items being shipped.

Each purchase is shipped separately. For example, a purchase of 30 pairs of Wrangler blue jeans will be shipped separately from the 45 pairs of Justin boots, even if the products come from the same wholesale supplier. Occasionally a purchase may be shipped in multiple shipments. For example, the 30 pairs of jeans may have to be packaged in two large boxes. You will need to create columns in appropriate tables to accommodate this.

Remember to label each relationship and show minimum and maximum cardinality. Go ahead and show foreign keys, but remember they do not normally appear in ERDs.

Table Design

Use the ERD above to complete the table design below and provide details about primary keys, foreign keys, data types, null status, and default values or sample data. Properly place foreign keys to enforce relationships as modeled in the ERD. I have selected TWO tables. You pick the third table.

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