You are to design an ER diagram for a small startup passenger and cargo airline Cobra Airline.

Here's some facts:

  • Each plane is the same space for 40 passengers (4 rows of 10, labeled rows
  • 1 through 10 and seats A,B,C,D
  • Each plane has space for 6 cargo containers
  • A cargo shipper reserves a cargo container by 1/4 lot sizes
  • Routes are from Miami to New York, New York to LA, LA to Miami
  • Rates for passengers and cargo can vary by booking date (more expensivethe closer it gets)
  • Trips can be one-way or round trip
  • Some trips (cross country) require food, all others require snacks and drinks
  • Larger items are (sandwiches, drinks) are sold on the flight
  • Cargo can have specialty handling fees for specific needs
  • Trips can be modified for a fee
  • Passengers can be loyalty customers or not

You have several classifications of employees, pilots, airline attendants, mechanics, cleaning crew, support staff, sales, boarding staff, ground crew with appropriate pay scales.

You need to consider the following scenarios:

  • reservation of passengers on the planes
  • reservation of cargo space
  • cancelation of either reservations
  • Seat selection
  • Flight times (schedule)
  • and more

Using the above, and information about possible competitors, design the forms you might need for the above scenarios, write a scenario for each of the above events and more that you need, then create an ER diagram for the database needed to support the airline.

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