In this exercise, you use a Microsoft Access database named Courses. Th e database is stored in the Courses.accdb fi le, which is contained in the VB2010Chap13Access Databases folder. Th e database contains one table named tblCourses. Th e table has 10 records. Each record has the following four fi elds: ID, Title, CreditHours, and Grade. Th e CreditHours fi eld is numeric; the other fi elds contain text.

  • Open the College Courses Solution (College Courses Solution.sln) fi le contained in the VB2010Chap13College Courses Solution folder. If necessary, open the designer window. Connect the appli- cation to the Courses database. Drag the table into the group box control and then dock the DataGridView control in its par- ent container. (In this case, the parent container is the group box control.) Use the task list to disable Adding, Editing, and Deleting. Change the DataGridView control’s AutoSizeColumnsMode property to Fill. Change its RowHeadersVisible property to False.
  • Remove the BindingNavigator control from the form by deleting the BindingNavigator object from the component tray.
  • Open the Code Editor window. Delete the Save Data button’s Click event procedure. Code the Next Record and Previous Record buttons. Code the Grade Display button so it allows the user to display either all the records or only the records matching a specifi c grade.
  • Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the Code Editor window and then close the solution.
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