Write a program that calculates and outputs the monthly paycheck information for an employee, including all the amounts deducted from an employee’s gross pay, and the net pay that is due to the employee. The user of your program will know the employee’s name and the gross pay for the employee. Each employee has the following deductions taken from his gross pay:

Federal Income Tax: 15%
State Tax: 3.5%
Social Security + Medicare Tax: 8.5%
Health Insurance $75

The output from your program should be structured as is displayed below:

Bill Robinson
Gross Amount: ............ $3575.00
Federal Tax: ............. $ 536.25
State Tax: ............... $ 125.13
Social Sec / Medicare: ... $ 303.88
Health Insurance: ........ $ 75.00
Net Pay: ................. $2534.75

Your program should deal with erroneous input values. Gross salary should always be a positive number. Make sure that you deal with the possibility that the user may have entered a non-numeric input value. Have your program output appropriate error messages in these cases.

  • Identify the inputs and outputs of the problem.
  • Identify the processing needed to convert the inputs to the outputs.
  • Design an algorithm in pseudocode to solve the problem. Make sure to include steps to get each input and to report each output. Include steps to deal with error cases.
  • Identify three test cases, one using a positive number, and one using a negative number, and one using incorrect input (ie. Input a letter rather than a digit for the numeric input). For each of the three test cases show what inputs you will use and what your expected outputs should be.
  • Write the program to implement your algorithm. Test your program using your test cases.
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