DB - Controlling a Project - II :

Let us reflect on the controlling phase on the project management life cycle. Share your experiences on any or all of the following:

  • How often do the projects that you manage or play a part in (as a team member) become delayed? For example, 10 out of 15. State the general reasons for the delay and what was done to manage or control it.
  • What tool(s) do you use to identify potential risks and delays in a project? If you do not have experience managing a project or using such tools, ask someone who does.

DB - Issuing Change Orders :

Read the following scenario and answer the questions.

Jacob Bauer is the project manager (general contractor) on a housing development project. He is currently working for Mr and Mrs Wells to develop a custom-built home. They have agreed to the specifics of the project and have signed a contract with terms and conditions indicating that the project will cost US$250,000 and be completed in nine months.

Jacob is managing several different sub-contractors, each responsible for various pieces of the project (brick and mortar, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc.) The project is three months into the schedule. The foundation has been laid and the house is framed. The plumbing and electrical wiring is currently in process.

Jacob’s plumbing sub-contractor (Gerard Plumbing) feels that, due to the size of the house, an extra water heater is necessary. Gerard Plumbing proposes the idea to Jacob, who is concerned that this issue was not presented when the original project plan (baseline) was agreed upon by all of the team members, but agrees to entertain the idea.

  • Prepare a Change Order Request Form based upon the information presented in the scenario.
  • Discuss the possible ramifications to not submitting and obtaining approvals on a request form.
  • Discuss some of the reasons why using change orders is an important “control tool”.
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