1.Create a new project named COSC240 _Project7.

2.This project is dealing with inheritance, simple exception and file handling. You need to implement classes as in the following diagram.see image.

3.The documentation of all the classes is in the file doc.zip. Please unzip it to a folder and click the index.html file to read the documentation.

4.A sample of the input and output files, InputFile.txt and OutputFile.txt, are also provided. The goal is when I change the input file content but with same format your program should work correctly and produce the right output.

5.The input and output files should be located in the folder where your project folder is located (not in the project folder but in the parent folder of your project folder). When you open files for read and write you cannot use an absolute file path but have to use a relative file path. After you finished your program make a copy of your program folder and try to run it on another computer to see whether it still works.

6.You will not submit any input or output files. Your program will be tested with another input file given the same format.

7.Your project should have the same set of classes, same behaviors, and be able to generate similar documentation.

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