As a competent programmer, your understanding of control structures, your ability to design and develop algorithms, and your proficient use of data structures will help you design and develop applications to meet customer requirements. The following project will help you apply these skills in a familiar, real-world scenario.


You have been assigned by a national online university to create a graduation planner for its undergraduate students. The university operates with six-month terms and charges a flat tuition rate of $2,890 per term. Undergraduate students must enroll for a minimum of 12 competency units (CUs) per term. They have asked that the graduation planner meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Number of CUs for each individual course remaining in the degree program
  • Planned number of units to complete per term


  • Accurate number of terms to completion based on input data (rounded up to the nearest terms)
  • Accurate tuition cost based on number of terms to completion
  • Accurate number of months to completion based on input data

Project Requirements:

Note: Submit all .java and .class files in one zipped folder.

Create a graduation planner program that meets the universitys minimum requirements.

Include the following design requirements:

  • array, ArrayList, or map
  • assignment operator
  • data types
  • math operators (e.g., modulus)
  • printf, println, or print
  • variables

Include at least one of the following programming structures:

  • if statement(s)
  • logical operators
  • while loop

Include input validation to check for negative values, prompting users to re-enter values if negative.

Display the results to the user in a readable and descriptive format (e.g., System.out).

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