Assignment Description: Call your driver "array_temp_class.cpp", and your TEMPLATE class implementation file "alist.cpp". Define the following behavior for ALIST

  • Overload the "=" operator as a member function with chaining which assigns the state of one ALIST object to the state of another ALIST object.
  • Overload the "+" operator as a member function with chaining to add an integer value an ALIST object's dynamic array.
  • Implement a copy constructor to perform a deep copy of an ALIST object. Include the following message, "Copy Constructor Invoked."
  • Overload the "<<" operator as a friend function with chaining which prints all the elements stored in an ALIST objects dynamic array with chaining.
  • Implement the member function called "Search" to search the list for an item.
  • Implement a default constructor. Include the following message, "Default Constructor Invokied."
  • Implement a function called "Remove" to remove an integer from the list.

Your program should test the operation of the template class on character, integer and string types. Also, remember that for class templates the declaration and the implementation must reside in the same file. For this assignment, put the class declaration in the impleimentation file "alist.cpp". Consider the following skeleton class to help you implement the class ALIST: See image.

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