You should design, create, and then compile and execute the program. Be sure that your code compiles and executes correctly before submitting it. This project encourages you to use common programming statements and reflect upon your overall design and approach.

Project Objectives:

  • Document programs effectively and create and use test data
  • Use the process of stepwise refinement to construct programs
  • Demonstrate and explain the execution of sequential, conditional, and iterative programming statements
  • Create and use functions
  • Create, compile, and execute simple programs written in a modern object-oriented language
  • Critically analyze project design solutions


This programming project was developed to satisfy several critical learning goals in the CMIS program at UMUC. In this project you will create a simple, working C++ program that utilizes a good design process and incorporates sequential, selection and repetitive programming statements and functions.

The overall purpose of the program is to allow users to input a list of positive numbers into an array, find the average of the numbers in the array and output the result.

Specific requirements

The application shall:

  • Allow users to enter 10 numbers
  • Store the numbers in an array
  • The data type used to store the numbers should be double or float.
  • Create and use a function to calculate the average of the numbers in the array
  • Output the average


  • Source code file for the project (dot-cpp).
  • Well-written word document describing:
    • Your overall design, including either a pseudocode or flow chart description.
    • Your test plan, including test data and results
    • Your approach, lessons learned, design strengths, limitations and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches

Documentation format and length:

The word documentation describing and reflecting on your design and approach should be written using Microsoft Word and be no more than 5 pages in length and no less than 2 pages. The font size should be 12 point. The page margins should be 1 inch. The paragraphs should be with double line spacing. All figures, tables, equations and referenced should be properly labeled and formatted using APA style.

Code format:

  • Header comment block
  • Appropriate comments within the code
  • Appropriate variable and function names, and
  • Correct indentation.
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