Answer the following questions.

  • What is the difference between a compile error and a run time error? Provide examples of both types of errors.
  • Explain the meaning of the reserved word fixed(available if the library < iomanip > is included.
  • Explain the difference between the valid statements a = 2 and a == 2 .
  • Explain the difference between string and char .

Write a single coutstatement that produces the output below. The first question is solved for you as an example.

Ho la
cout << "Hon" << "la"
El Chavo <3 tortas,
<3 = 'loves'
cout << "El chavo del " << 8

What is the output of the following snippets?

string s="2"
int a=2
cout << s + s << " 2 + 2" << a+a
cout << setprecision(2)
cout << 4/3 << " times " << 3.0/4 << " = 1?"
cout << "\"n//""

Write the missing code (in the snippet below) to produce the graphics on the right.

  • The outside frame is just given for reference.
  • You are free to choose the radius of the circle.
#include "ccc_win.h"
int ccc_win_main(){
return 0;

Write a fullprogram(startingfrom #include) that reads two integers from the console and outputs (to the console as well) the sum, the product and the average.

Write a full program (starting from #include ) that reads from the user an integer between 10 and 99 and displays the following messages depending on the input.

  • The first digit is strictly less than the second digit.
  • The second digit is strictly less than the first digit.
  • The two digits are equal.

Write a full program that reads 2 strings from the user and exchanges the last character of the first word and the first character of the second word. For example, if the user enters the words:

Don Ramon

the program then displays:

DoR namon
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