1.Write a function definition, convertInCm, which converts its real argument, inches, to centimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

2.Write the function prototype for convertInCm

3.Write the function call for convertInCm. Store the results in the variable centimeters. Assume centimeters had been previously declared a double.

4.Write one C++ statement declare global named constants needed to establish the dimensions of a 2D array of integers with five rows and three columns.

5.Write one C++ statement to declare the 2D array int_array.

6.Write one C++ statement that would assign the value 61 to the third row, second column of int_array.

7.Write only the snippet of C++ code for a function definition, printColumn, which prints to the console the values in a column specified by the user in the function call. printColumn has two arguments, the 2D array and a integer column number, listed in this order. Protect arguments from being changed by the function when necessary.

8.Write a complete C++ program that uses a structure to store customer data.

For full credit, you must process as follows:

  • Globally declare a named constant, length, to represent the maximum allowed length of a customers name.
  • Globally declare a structure, CustomerData, with the following members, defined in this order:
    • a character array to hold the customers name (at most 65 character in length)
    • the customers integer account number
    • the customers account balance
  • Locally define a structure variable of type CustomerData named customer1 initialized to the following values in this order: your instructors name (last name, first name); 00000; 79.95
  • Call a void function , getAcctNumber, which will prompt the user for the customers correct account number, storing it in the appropriate structure member. The call to getAcctNumber looks like this: getAcctNumber ( customer1);
  • Call a void function, printCustomerAcct, which will print one blank line to the console followed by the single-spaced member values, one member per line. The call to printCustomerAcct looks like this: printCustomerAcct ( customer1 );

Notes: Pass the structure in the most efficient way while still protecting the data if necessary. Display the customers account balance to two decimal places.

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