In this project I need a class diagram, overview,Summarize the changes that you implemented.

Discuss any potential classes to be implemented in the future.

For this assignment, you will continue working on your application to apply object-oriented programming concepts and create a customer class. The customer class must be used in your program. The new class will replace simple variables to handle customer details. The functionality of the program will not change; however, the code should be organized differently. You also need to update the project document by adding the new class design and other potential classes.

The Application

  • Design the customer class.
  • Include at least the customer name and address for the class.
  • Create a class function to set the classs variables.
  • Create a class function to get the values of the classs variables.
  • Create additional functions as necessary.
  • Implement your design using the provided integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Complete the following in your code:
    • Implement the new class.
    • Create an object from the new class.
    • Set the customer details using the class function.
    • Use the class function to access the customer details
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