• Write a program that converts from degrees farenheit(F) to degrees celsius(C) using the formula: C = (F – 32)/1.8
  • Write a program that asks the user to type in two integer values at the terminal. Test these two numbers to determine if the first is evenly divisible by the second, and then display an appropriate message at the terminal.
  • Modify the program so that:
    • The user is prompted to type the value of epsilon which is then passed as an argument to the function.
    • Display on the screen the value of square root obtained by the built-in function in the math.h
  • An equation of the form ax^2+bx+c = 0 is known as a quadratic equation. The values a, b and c represent constant values. Write a program to solve a quadratic equation. The program should allow the user to enter the values for a, b, and c. The program should then proceed to calculate and display the two roots of the equation. A message should be displayed to state if the roots are imaginary or real.
  • Write a function elapsed time that takes as its arguments two time structures and returns a time structure that represents the elapsed time (hours, minutes, and seconds) between the two times. Write a program that asksthe user to type in two time structures, time 1 and time 2, and calls elapsedTime(time1, time2) function to calculate the elpased time and display the result in an appropriate time format. Be careful with times that cross midnight.
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