Our company deals with people. Every Person has these fields:

  • givenName (String)
  • surname (String)
  • phoneNumber (String)
  • streetAddress (String)
  • city (String)
  • state (string)
  • zip (int)
  • zipPlus4(int)

The Person class requires some methods:

  • A 2-arg constructor that takes givenName and surname, and creates a person, filling all other String fields with “unknown”, and 99999 for zip, and 9999 for zipPlus4.
  • An 8-arg constructor that takes all eight fields
  • A toString() methods that returns a multi-line string suitable for printing on an envelope for mailing.
  • gets and sets for all fields.
  • A .equals(Person other) methods that returns true if both givenName and Surname match, false otherwise.

In addition, we have Customers. Each Customer is a Person. In addition, a customer has these extra fields:

  • customerID (int)
  • creditLimit (double)
  • balanceOwed (double)

The Customer class needs these methods:

  • A 3-arg constructor (surname, givenName, customerID) that creates a new customer with a zero balanceOwed.
  • A charge(double amount) method that adds amount to the current balanceOwed
  • A credit(double amount) method that credits a customer’s account. It should not directly access the balanceOwed field, but use the charge() method with a negative number.
  • gets and sets for creditLimit.
  • gets for customerID and balanceOwed, but no sets for them. (all changes should be trackable through the single credit() method.)
  • A different equals method that compares customerIDs.

We also have employees. The Employee class needs these fields:

  • salaried (boolean)
  • wages (double), which will be interpreted as hourly for salaried==false, and annual salary otherwise.
  • employeeID (integer)

Employee will need methods:

  • A 4-arg constructor that uses givenName, surname, salaried, and employeeID.
  • gets and sets for wages and salaried (but instead of a get for a Boolean, use an isSalaried()), but only a get for employeeID.
  • An equals method that compares employeeIDs.

Week01.java will be a tester program. It should:

  • Have an ArrayList of Customer
  • Have an ArrayList of Employee
  • A GUI interface (Preferably built with Window Builder) that has
    • Fields for all possible fields for both customers and employees
    • three buttons:
    • Add Customer (with appropriate fields) For extra credit, warn if same ID already there.
    • Add Employee (ditto) For extra credit, warn if same ID already there.
    • Display All This should list out first customers, then employees, using console output.

Be sure to implement all methods exactly as specified, because I may hook your classes up to my own tester program! You will have these classes, each in its own file:

  • Person.java
  • Customer.java
  • Employee.java
  • Week01.java

Every .java file should have as its first line a comment with your name in it.

When your program runs, your name should appear in the title bar of the window.

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