The purpose of this programming assignment is to give you practice writing and using loops in your programs.


Basically, your assignment is to write a program that gets an integer N from the user and then draws N "clowns" in a stack.


The program must begin by writing some information explaining the purpose of the program and a general description of how to use the program.

The program must then prompt for and read the number N.

After getting N, the program must do some error-checking. If N is not between 2 and 8, inclusive, then the program must output an appropriate error message and stop. If N is within the legal range, then the program must draw the clown N times. After drawing the clowns, it must draw a little "base" so that it looks like the clowns are standing on something.


I have prepared a shell program that you should use as a starting point for your solution to this programming problem. See image.

The shell has three functions to fill in, including the main() function. You can create a program with a good design if you follow the directions found inside the shell.


I expect you to make a test script for the program that shows good data coverage. I will discuss that concept in class. The basic idea is:

  • to test a representative sample of inputs, and
  • to test at and near data boundary values.

It is your responsibility to devise and carry out adequate tests. You must do something more than just copy the tests I performed in my little sample script. You will lose significant credit if you do not perform adequate testing. However, I will give you information to help you figure out what tests you need to do.

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