The purpose of this first program is get you familiar with the fundamental syntax of C++ and the process of writing and turning in programs at PSU. Once you read the assignment, you will realize that it really is part of a much larger project – to which we will not be implementing at this time. So, it is just to demonstrate some simple interactions between the user and program. For those of you who already know C++, use this program as a refresher and stretch yourself to do more than is assigned! The first part of the program needs to be an algorithm.


After reading the syllabus, you will notice that there are a number of items that must be achieved to pass the class. They are:

  • “Pass” on your midterm and final proficiency demos
  • Minimum of 90% participation for lab work
  • 65% (or better) on your final exam
  • All 5 assignments must be turned in
  • All 5 assignments must receive a passing score of over 65%

Your job is to create a program that prompts the user for a student’s scores and based on all of these criteria, let them know how they stand as far as passing the class. Your program should also attempt to estimate if only part of the scores are in what scores will be needed to pass the class.

Your job will be to:

  • Prompt and read from the user for each of the above scores. This includes 5 assignments, a midterm exam, a final exam, and the proficiency demos. Proficiency demos can have a score of E (exceeds), P (proficient), I (In progress), U (unsatisfactory). E and P are passing scores.
  • Echo the amounts read in
  • Your software will calculate the percentage in the class
  • Then calculate how close they are to passing
  • Lastly, estimate what scores are needed to pass
  • Do this again until the user wants to quit

Things you should know...as part of your program:

  • The grader will enter in the correct types of data. So if you ask for an integer, the grader will enter a whole number.
  • Make sure to prompt the user for any input requested. Make sure it is clear from your prompts what the user is expected to do.
  • The program should continue until the user wants to quit. Allow them to continue until they are done.
  • You may not use any global variables in this program!
  • You may not use the string class but you are allowed to use arrays if you want to work ahead!
  • Make sure to use C++’s I/O (iostream library) for your input and output.
  • Although functions are not required for this assignment, they are always advised!

To get full credit for the programming portion, you will need to:

  • Turn in an algorithm written using full English sentences (the algorithm will be pass/no-pass for the first assignment).
  • Program using a consistent style of indentation, header comments for each function, inline comments for each major block of code
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