Part A: Multi-threading; Inheritance and Interface Polymorphism

Provide two implementations of Multi-threadng, (One uses inheritance and the other uses interface) for the following tasks: (Use Synchronized blocks to prevent mutual exclusion violation)

i) Concurrently find and calculate the highest number in an integer array called myNumbers.

ii) Update the value to a variable called highestNumber.

Part B: Stacks and Queues, Linked-List versus Growable Arrays

interface Queue {
void Enqueue(int n);
int Dequeue();
int length();

interface Stack {
void Push(int n);
int Pop();
int length();

Given the following interfaces for Stacks and Queues, implement each interface in two ways: using a Linked-List and a Stack. (That means, a total of FOUR implementations is needed. E.g., Queue using Linked-List & Queue using Growable Array. Provide a short paragraph of your observation once you have completed all the implementation. Use the folllowing names MyStack1, MyStack2, MyQueue1, MyQueue2 in your code.

part C: Generics

Briefly describe which part of code change is needed so that your implementations in Part B can accommodate and type of objects. Meaning: It can store type of objects. Provide at least two lines of code that shows how the container gets instantiated and how an object can be stored inside your container.

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