In this project you will write classes that store your phone bill and its phone calls in a text file using a format of your own design.

Goals: Learn how to use Java’s I/O facilities and throw exceptions.

For this project you will have to implement the following three classes2in your edu.pdx.cs410J.your- login-id package:

  • Class TextDumper that implements the edu.pdx.cs410J.PhoneBillDumper interface. A TextDumper dumps the contents of a phone bill3(including its calls) to a text file.
  • Class TextParser that implements the edu.pdx.cs410J.PhoneBillParser interface. A TextParser reads the contents of a text file and from it creates a phone bill with phone calls.
  • Class Project2 that contains a main method that optionally reads a PhoneBill from the contents of a text file, creates a new PhoneCall as specified on the command line, adds the PhoneCall to the PhoneBill, and then optionally writes the PhoneBill back to the text file. Project2 should have the following command line interface:
usage: java edu.pdx.cs410J.login-id.Project2 [options] args
args are (in this order):
Person whose phone bill we’re modeling
Phone number of caller
Phone number of person who was called
Date and time call began (24-hour time)
Date and time call ended (24-hour time)
options are (options may appear in any order):
-textFile file
Where to read/write the phone bill
Prints a description of the new phone call
Prints a README for this project and exits
Dates and times should be in the format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm

If the text file does not exist, then the program should create an empty PhoneBill. It should not issue an error. Phone numbers, dates, and times are specified using the same format as in the previous assignment.

Error handling: Your program should exit “gracefully” with a user-friendly error message under all reason- able error conditions. Examples of such conditions include

  • Something is missing from the command line or there are extraneous command line arguments
  • The format of the day or time is incorrect
  • The text file is malformatted
  • The customer name given on the command line is different than the one found in the text file.
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